This Guy
Real-Time Data installation
UE5/Metahuman/Google API/

A simulated still life using realtime cryptocurrency data to give financial investment a physical presence.
‹This Guy› uses realistic CGI (today’s modern day still life) to give the often obscure Cryptocurrency market a physical presence. Sitting as if for a painter to sketch while contemplating the zeitgeist, ‹This Guy› expresses discontent with himself and his environment. Surrounded by a picturesque beach and depicting the ‹easy life of white male privilege›, the stones floating above his head respond to the Crypto market’s real time data. This expresses a world which can economically raise above or crumble below, causing the anxiety of existing in our current age.

Marketcap Volume mapped to the Size of the Rock
Price mapped to Rotation degree
24/h Change mapped to spinning speed and direction